Origin Story

In 2016, I asked myself a question: Is it possible to make quality training shorts locally that don’t cost a fortune?

So, I did what anyone would do: I Googled 'How to make shorts.' With no experience in retail, manufacturing or design, I started working on the answer and, in the following months, learned the fundamental process of pattern making, manufacturing, and design. After (a lot) of trial and error, DARK Performance Apparel launched in July 2017. 

Why DARK? Well, people anecdotally refer to intense training as going to the ‘dark’ place; the place where you don't see anything around you; where music is just a dull noise in the background; where your lungs are on fire, and you can feel your heart beating out of your chest. I’ve been there, but it’s a place few people go to with regularity.

Yes, it’s a place of discomfort, but it’s also a place of positivity; a place where we realise we are stronger than we ever thought possible—where we discover we can go harder, push farther and come out the other side stronger than ever. For me, DARK isn’t a name, it’s a declaration that you’re part of a community dedicated to persevering and reaping the rewards of making it to the other side. I’m still learning what it means to ‘Go Dark’ every day, and I hope that when you use our apparel, it stands as a declaration that you’re prepared to go there too.

See you there.

Alan Foulis,