Why are you afraid of the Dark?

Normal people have no idea how beautiful the Darkness can be…


It is in Dark places that we learn who we are. Our journeys to athletic greatness take us on different paths. These paths are hard. These paths painful. These paths are lonely. These paths require decisions.


These paths require a partner.


Alan Foulis, co-founder of a proudly South African company and top level competitive CrossFit athlete knows Dark places. Injuries and pain on his path to athletic greatness in Europe, North America and Australia revealed the need for a partner, a partner unlike any other. 


A partner that allows you to focus. A partner that allows you to achieve. A partner that moves with you, breathes with you and is focused on you.


Dark Performance Apparel is that partner.


The manufacturing of our quality apparel happens right here in South Africa and we believe with the hands-on approach adopted at DARK, the result is sensational.  

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Our Photographer

Daniel Stevenson is a local photographer with a passion for the craft. His eye for capturing unique imagery is a true talent and it is a pleasure working with him. Find him on Instagram @daniels_imagery

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