Black Knee Sleeves

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Designed in partnership with Bee Aesthetics, our knee sleeves are designed to support your knee during every single workout. 

With extra-durable stitching and tapered cut, this knee sleeve will be there in every single workout doing exactly what you need it to. 

The ultimate knee support. Made with a combination of 5mm & 7mm neoprene.

7mm neoprene structure on the sides and in front to insure support for all ligaments.

5mm neoprene structure on the remaining sections of the knee sleeves to assist with flexibility and movement.


When ordering you will receive a set of two knee sleeves. 


Fit Guide:

Upper Calf Circumference 31 – 33 cm 33 – 35 cm 35 – 37 cm 37 – 40 cm 40 – 43 cm 43 cm+

How to Size: Measure circumference of leg 10cm below the knee cap